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St John's Digswell After School Club

After School Club wraparound provision exclusively for St John's Digswell pupils

Session Times and Prices

Reception - Year 6:

Monday - Thursday 3:25pm up to 4:30pm / Friday 2:10pm up to 3:15pm - £5.50

Monday - Thursday 3:25pm up to 5:30pm / Friday 2:10pm up to 4:30pm - £13.00

Monday - Thursday 3:25-6:00pm / Friday 2:10pm up to 5:00pm - £16.00


Monday-Friday 3:30pm up to 4:30pm - £5.50

Monday-Thursday up to 5:30pm - £13.00

Friday 3:30pm up to 5:00pm - £8.50 (Nursery only)

Register and book online at 

We are registered as TSF St John's Digswell AL6 0BX with Ofsted - 2653845

Ofsted Inspection Report March 2024 


Policies & Procedures

We have one set of policies and procedures which are consistent across our provision and in line with the current legislation and requirements.

Policies and procedures are reviewed annually.

Changes are only made to the policies and procedures by the owner and DDSL where risk assessment and/or changes and updates to legislation and practice have indicated that this is required.

A copy of all Policies & Procedures is available upon request to 

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